The Practice Game:
Fill in the empty squares with your child's assignments, roll dice, and move a pawn around the game just as you would play a board game. Whatever your child lands on after rolling is what they need to practice.

Visit my YouTube Channel for helpful practice videos:
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Concert Dates 2015-2016

Ensemble Rotation Calendar

Lesson Schedules

Mentor Program
More information regarding the mentor program will be sent home with all 5th/6th graders in the month of October.

Concert Recordings
These links should be used as references for the students to improve their understanding of the complete orchestra piece.
French Folk Song (Grades 3 and 4)
Ode to Joy
Fiddles on Fire
Boogie Blues
Hadyn (Chamber Ensemble)- Fast forward to 6:00min.

PMEA String Fest Music
A Beethoven Lullaby
Fiddles at Shady Gulch
Secret Agent 440

Chocolate Soda Blues - No recording available
Circles - No recording available
Symphony No. 94 "Surprise"
Over the Rainbow

Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star, Bowing Rhythms (Variations), and Descending Scale Videos (3rd Grade Only)

Beginning String Pictures
Violin and Viola Playing Position:
violin-viola degree angle.gif

Cello and Bass Playing Position:

bass-playing position.jpg

Violin and Viola Bow Hold:
violin-viola bow hold.jpg
violin-viola thumb outside bow.jpg

Cello and Bass Bow Hold:
cello-bass bow hold.jpg

Order Forms: Please download the appropriate order form and submit payment to Mrs. Sheffer.
Note Reading Book:

Suzuki Book and CD:

Cello Rock Stop/Endpin Anchor:

Violin and Viola Shoulder Rests & Sponges:

Replacement Strings:

Free Online Metronome

Free Online Tuner

JR Judd
Please visit the website for JR Judd for any questions regarding rental policies or repairs.
JR Judd Violins

Menchey Music
For spare strings, rosin, shoulder rests, or other accessories, please visit our local music store at 1555 Manheim Pike.
Menchey Music-Lancaster

Strings Excell Day Camp
Looking for an exciting camp to help your child continue their musical growth over the summer? Check out the Strings Excell website for more information.
Strings Excell Day Camp

Please remember....

It is the responsibility of each student to arrive prepared for lessons with their instrument, music, and note reading book. Students without these items will NOT be permitted to borrow instruments/music from the school.